Alice’s Garage is a social enterprise

Empowering older LGBTI people

Promoting healthy LGBTI ageing

Our projects

Never A Crime

Healing the stigma and shame around LGBTIQ identities and building Pride.


Promoting choice and control over gender identity for older TGD people by addressing transphobia


Frameworks for cultural safety in aged care services from Malloy, 83 year old lesbian

Finding Strong

Stories about getting through LGBTIQphobic times and living our best lives now. 

The Tea Tent

Creating inclusive spaces for older LGBTI people and promoting intergenerational connection – with tea.


Acknowledging lesbian herstory and resistance and recognising lesbophobia.


A story pantry affirming Transgender and Gender Diverse (TGD) people as they age


LGBTI Elders hit the Runway for a Fashion Parade called SPUNK

100 years of love

Learning about love from three lesbian couples who have collectively been together for 100 years. 

Big Hug

Celebrating our strengths and our allies that helped us get through the Marriage Equality Postal Vote.

Pink Wolves

Sending messages of solidarity to gay and bisexual men being persecuted in Chechnya.

Tango Project

Addressing older LGBTI people’s experiences of discrimination and abuse.


Understanding the needs of LGBTI people living with dementia – and providing support


Developing TGD Inclusive services at BreastScreen Victoria and building community awareness

Beautiful Women

Working with BreastScreen Victoria to develop LGBTI inclusive services and celebrate LGBTI women