Trans and Gender Diverse Breast

Tscreen (Trans and Gender Diverse Inclusive BreastScreening/Chest Care) is a project being undertaken by BreastScreen Victoria to ensure their services are inclusive of Trans and Gender Diverse (TGD) people. BreastScreen Victoria hope to apply for Rainbow Tick Accreditation in 2018. The Tscreen project sits alongside the Beautiful Women Campaign and includes the following:

  1. Expert Advisory Group
  2. Community survey
  3. Policy and information sheet
  4. Community consultation
  5. Rainbow Rose – screening session
  6. Sharing expertise.

1. Expert Advisory Group

For the past 4 years BreastScreen Victoria has been working with an Advisory Group including representatives from LGBTI organisations and medical experts. A subgroup of the Advisory Group has been established to oversee the development of TGD information and inclusive practices. This includes representatives from TransGender Victoria.

2. Community Survey

There is currently limited information available on breast screening and chest care for TGD people. To address this, gap BreastScreen Victoria is reviewing the research and would also like to hear from TGD people about how best to make breast/chest screening services TGD inclusive. A confidential survey for TGD people in Victoria was launched in October 2017. The survey includes 10 questions and takes around 10 – 15 minutes to complete. The information gathered in the survey will be used to inform BreastScreen Policy and information for TGD people.

Click here to complete the survey

3. Policy & information booklet

There is currently limited information available on breast screening and chest care for TGD people. To address this, gap BreastScreen Victoria is currently undertaking a review of the research evidence. This review (and the results of the survey) will be used to inform BreastScreen Victoria policy, staff education and information for TGD people. A draft policy will be reviewed by the TGD Advisory Group and the information booklet will be presented to participants at the community consultation for feedback.

4. Community Consultation

BreastScreen Victoria is hosting an event for TGD people at the Rose Clinic in David Jones, Melbourne. TGD people attending the event are invited to provide feedback on the draft information booklet and any further suggestions for barriers to breast/chest screening and TGD inclusive screening. BreastScreen Victoria’s radiographers will be available to undertake mammograms or to answer questions. Lisa White (The Social Photographer) will be there to photograph the event (photos optional). Details in the flyer below:

5. Rainbow Rose

In early 2018 BreastScreen Victoria will commence screening sessions for LBTI people at the Rose Clinic. These after hours sessions are provided for LBTI people who feel more comfortable or safer attending an LBTI specific session.

6. Sharing Expertise

In April 2018 BreastScreen Victoria will be presenting the Tscreen project at the BreastScreen Australia National Conference in Adelaide. These presentations aim to influence the development of TGD inclusive services in other states and territories.

More information

If you would like more information on any aspect of the project please contact:

  • BreastScreen Victoria: Maura Connelly on (03) 9660 6863 or maurac@breastscreen.org.au
  • Project coordinator: Catherine Barrett on 0429 582 237 or director@celebrateageing.com