Education – Our approach

Alice’s Garage is proud to launch our education platform, under the Celebrate Ageing (mother ship) banner. Our innovative suite of resources focus on older LGBTI people and LGBTI inclusivity more broadly. Key features of our educational resources include:

  1. Contemporary issues
  2. Innovative approaches
  3. Multimodal eg: film, ppt, discussion points
  4. Affordable cost
  5. Accessible information
  6. Practical strategies for change
  7. Developed in partnership with older LGBTI people
  8. Information for individual learners
  9. Information and resources for workshop facilitators.

Most of the resources include a short film, discussion points and a PowerPoint presentation for those who want to facilitate a workshop. Most of our resources include a low cost for a week, month or a year. Please note Alice’s Garage is a social enterprise – the small income generated from these resources helps us to do the important work we do. So – please don’t share the resources with others.

The kits for workshop facilitators are intended for people to use within their own organisation. If you want to facilitate workshops with multiple organisations, please contact us.


Please see brief description of our resources below and sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook if you want to know when are new resources are released

Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell

Jan asks their GP his views on Marriage Equality during the postal vote. The GP’s response provides valuable insights into LGBTI cultural safety, particularly how power imbalances can occur and how the attitudes of service providers can influence the quality of services. This resource will be invaluable for service providers who want to be LGBTI inclusive. The resource includes:

  • An overview of what LGBTI cultural safety is and why it matters
  • A seven min film
  • Questions for discussion
  • A Power point presentation for workshop facilitators
  • A link to further resources.

Watch the trailer below and then click on the link to our education page, Celebrate Ageing School here

Mr Velvet Ears

Mr Velvet Ears follows the experience of Anne and Edie, who have been been together 35 years, as they make the difficult decision to access a residential aged care home. Edie lives with younger onset dementia. This resource is suitable for service providers who want to be more LGBTI inclusive, dementia services, carers services and carers groups. The film is also suitable for community education and makes a powerful focus for community fundraisers. Please contact us for information on fundraising events. The resource includes the following: 

  • A 40 min film
  • A guide to facilitating discussion.

View the trailer below and click on the link to our education page Celebrate Ageing School here