Michael Dalton – Never a Crime

Michael Dalton:My mirror mask: being able to look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see, warts and all as they say. It’s an ongoing process.

Pride means I get to be me. I get to live my life as a proud, out gay man. When I was younger I remember hearing the word “poof” like so many others around me. It prevented me from coming out when I was really young (15 or 16). But it didn’t take me much longer.

Antony McManus – Never a Crime

Antony McManus:The journey to YES! Rally after rally, year after year, we persevered knowing that marriage equality would be realised. I thought it would happen sooner, but it was such an amazing journey. And now I am married to the man I love

Pride is living without fear. I can take pride knowing that I get involved when I see injustices within our community. I have been very lucky. I have surrounded myself with supportive, loving people.