Projects currently or previously being undertaken by Alice’s Garage include:

  1. Abundance: a story pantry affirming Trans and Gender Diverse people as they age
  2. Tram: highlighting lesbians historical experiences of lesbophobia
  3. 100 years of love: celebrating the lives and loves of three lesbian couples
  4. Never a Crime: building gay and bisexual men’s pride – challenging shame and stigma
  5. Strong House: a place for stories and getting through LGBTIphobic times
  6. Beautiful Women: creating LGBTI inclusive services at BreastScreen Victoria
  7. Tscreen: Trans and Gender Diverse inclusive breast screening and chest care
  8. Pulse of My Heart: an annual film documenting the love between a lesbian couple
  9. Pink Wolves: solidarity for gay and bisexual men in Chechnya.