Midsummer Carnival

Midsumma Carnival 2018

In Jan 2018, Alice’s Garage was delighted to support Midsumma Carnival in providing a Chill Zone for LGBTI Elders (people of all ages were welcome). Some LGBTI Elders came to Carnival for the first time – because they had this space as home base. The space was affectionately referred to as ‘The Tea Tent’ – we made over 100 cups of tea, in proper tea cups and saucers for Elders. We also heated a babies bottle, put sun screen on a group of gay men, listened to a couple of teenagers stories and played with some wee kids. But we loved this space most because it made Carnival accessible to LGBTI Elders. Thanks Midsumma

Because it was a Carnival first, we invited participants to write their feedback to Midsumma. The messages are beautiful.