Jill: The submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission on older LGBTI people’s experiences of elder abuse written by Dr Catherine Barrett, is confronting but essential reading. For those working within aged care, for those who know or care for older LGBTI folk, it is even more essential reading. Catherine has asked me to circulate the submission in order to use the information to lobby for more recognition of the abuse of LGBTI elders within our communities.

We need to be mindful of the experiences that some LGBTI people have to endure in life, and hopefully do something about trying to lessen their burden. That each of us has the power to support and bring some sense of care and justice for victims of abuse when it has happens is obvious – be it listening to their stories, giving a kind smile, or something more. It is my hope that our awareness of all forms of abuse means we can start to think of preventative measures we might initiate or contribute to in order to reduce the incidence of abuse in our LGBTI communities and for people in the community in general. You can read the Submission here: LGBTIsubmissionAlicesGarage