Presenters Brian Day and Jill Bolen (photo courtesy Brisbane Times)

Congratulations to Jill Bolen and Brian Day for their presentation at the Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland. Great feedback about the presentation and a write up in the Brisbane Times blog as follows:

“Gay men are more likely to experience poverty that straight men, according to Australian gay rights activist Brian Day. Under the sanctuary of shade on the fourth day of the festival, Mr Day and LGBTI spokeswoman Jill Bolen spoke to an attentive crowd about the hardships of being in the LGBTI community. Mr Day said the stereotype that gay men were inner city yuppies living the dream did not reflect reality. He blamed higher poverty rates amongst gay men on an inability for them to excel in their careers due to discrimination. He said that since he told people he was gay in 1968 he found it harder to get a job in his area of expertise. “Our poverty goes under the radar,” he said.”

Well done on challenging stereotypes about gay men. There is also data on LBTI folk more broadly experiencing poverty.