100 Years of Love

LAW_5535Today we launched 100 Years of Love – a project celebrating the lives and loves of three lesbian couples living in Ballarat who have collectively been in relationship for almost 100 years. The first celebration involves Edie Mayhew and Anne Tudor (pictured – photo (c) Lisa White, The Social Photographer) and will take place as part of Victorian Seniors Festival. For more information go to the webpage here

Breast Screening

LAW_7605The Beautiful Women Campaign continues to grow. In June BreastScreen Victoria hosted a screening session for lesbian and bisexual women at the Rose Clinic in Melbourne. All 12 mammogram spaces were booked and 25 women attended. Bree McAulley had her first mammogram at the event and wrote about her experience for the Star Observer. Bree is a creative writer and the article is funny and engaging – you can check it out here.  Thanks also to Lisa White, The Social Photographer for the beautiful photos – I love this one of some of the women who attended with the BreastScreen Victoria Radiographers.

Elder abuse


Catherine: Thanks to Matthew Wade from the Star Observer for a fantastic issue on LGBTI Elders. I was also delighted to be invited to be a guest editor and to write about LGBTI people’s experiences of Elder Abuse. The piece I wrote included the story of Nancy, a Trans woman …. and one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. You can read the story here.

Beautiful women – making a difference


Catherine: We have had so much positive feedback about the Beautiful Women Campaign. Well done BreastScreen Victoria. This included one of the participants who sent us an email from her friend of 18 years, living in the UK. The email read: 

“Hiya …!! I wanted to share this with you – a friend of mine has recently come out as a lesbian and was really struggling with where to go from that point, and with people accepting her. She called me yesterday, in great excitement, to tell me that she’d found something that really cheered her up: a photography project all the way from Melbourne of LGBT women – and lo and behold, who’s the first picture? I was able to delightedly tell her, “That’s my friend Barb!!” She wanted me to tell you that seeing you (and all the other women) gave her a massive boost.”

We love that The Beautiful Women Campaign is sending the message to LGBTI women that they are valued.